CnR’s IJSSR Index Page

International Journal Journal of Social  Scientific Research

Vol.04 Issue (I) April-June 2018

Sr Author (S) Page No.
1 Human Resource Development Practices And Organizational Innovation: Role Of Knowledge Management Effectiveness Mr. Deepak Burud  01 – 07
2 A Review On Design And Analysis Of Cylindrical Pressure Vessel Umbarkar Amol E.,Prof. C.M. Gajare  08 – 13
3 Correlation of Globalization with Literature Prof. Swati Patil 14-16
4 “Impact of Increasing Share of Organized Retailing on Unorganized Retailing in India with special reference to Unorganized Retailing in Raigad- Maharashtra” Dr. Mrs. Nazare Kalyani Sandip 17-20
5 “Education And Evaluation” Pathrabe Deepali. A. 21-23
6 “Innovative Practices In Teacher Education” Kishor Lahare 24-27
7 “A Study of major challenges in implementation of the E-way Bill System in GST” Prof. Pooja Kushare, Prof. Vishakha Waikar 28-31
8 “Impact of RFID technology on Libraries” Sagar Kumbhar 32-35
9 “Women And (Unpredicted Appreciation With) Historical Tradition In Rama Mehta’s Inside The Haveli” Prof. Shankar H. Bhoir 36-39
10 40-42

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