International Journal of Social & Scientific Research

Vol (2) Issue (IV)

Jan March 2017

Sr. Title / Author (S)
01 “Comparison Between Traditional Method And Demonstration Method As A Learning Experience In Science Subject”
Sadiya Qazi
02 “Study Of The Effectiveness Of Programmed Instruction On Students Learning”
Siddiqui Sadia , Prof. Asha Thoke
03 “Bio-Diversity In Plankters Of Beliwal Water Tank At Babhalgaon District Osmanabad, (M.S.) India”
Mr.Satish Bhagwat Patil & Dr. H .K.Jadhav
04 “ An Extensive Study Of Practical Approach Towards Implementation Status Of Agile Method In Large And Medium Sized Enterprises. (A Case Study Of Jalgaon Midc)”
Dr.Prashant S.Warke, Prof. Pushpalata S.Patil
05 “Relation Of Teacher Education Programme With Total Education Programme”
Dr. Mrs. Nilima Arvind More,
06 जातिप्रथा : अभिशाप
07 “Globalisation And Unorganised Sector In India”
Bibekananda Basu
08 Performance Of Microfinance In Changing Socioeconomic Condition With Special Reference To Latur District”
Mr. Parmeshwar N. Biradar, Dr. Narendra B. Gosavi

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