International Journal of Social & Scientific Research

Vol (2) Issue (II)

Jul Sep2017

Sr. Title / Author (S)
01 “An Indian Perspective of e-business model for SMEs: an ISM approach”

Dr. Shilpa Parkhi,  Mr. Rishabh Jain,  Mr. Sudhir Mudholkar.

02 “Probable Impact of BREXIT on the Indian Economy”

Dr. Smita Vivek Wadaskar

03  “ Educational status of Muslim”

Prin. Dr. Shriniwas V. Joshi, Prof. B. M. Shaikh

04 A Study of Corporate Social Responsibility- with reference to Section 135, Companies Act, 2013

Prof. Mr. Manesh P. Pawar

05 “A study on Digital library and its various aspects”

Mr. Wakchaure Machindra K.

06 Teacher Education in India: Present Status and Future Challenges”

Prof. Kailash Chandra Verma.

07 “Impact of Yoga and Health Education: Yoga, the Power of Sound Health”

Dr. HemlataY. Marathe

08 Performance Of Microfinance In Changing Socioeconomic Condition With Special Reference To Latur District”
Mr. Parmeshwar N. Biradar, Dr. Narendra B. Gosavi




“An analytical view of changing business environment w.r.t. India”

Prof Ajay Shukla, Prof. Nilesh Chhallare, Prof. Manisha Bhamre.


“An analytical study of market response to Nestle’s Maggi before and after ban w.r.t Nashik city”

Prof. Vaibhav R. Bhalerao, Jasmeet Sehmi.


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