An Indexed Impact Factor Quarterly Journal

Vol 3 Issue II

Sr. Title / Author (S)
01 “Audit System, A Unique Tool For Quality Up Gradation”

B. Basu

02 “Employee Engagement and its consequences: A key driver to the success of organization”

Dr. Jayshri J Kadam

Prof Deepali G. Mane

03 “Atmospheric levels of carcinogenic organic compounds in urban area of Andhra Pradesh, India”

Kulkarni K.S.

04 “Privatization influences higher education”

Dr. Vijay P. Narkhede

Dr. Shriniwas V. Joshi

05 “A Study Of Marketing Strategy Concerning Housing Requirement Of Senior Citizens Adopted By Parksyde Homes”

Prof.Ashutosh More

Prof.Ganesh Teltumbde

06 “E-HRM: Transforming HR through Technology”

Dr. Manisha Shirsath

07 “An Indian policy review and success stories on sustainable &green economy”

Prof. Ajay Shukla

Prof. Adv Manisha Bhamre

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