Vol.01 Issue (II), Jul- Sept, 2015

Sr. Title / Author (S)
01 Critical Evaluation of Impact of Interest Rate Parity Theory on Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate – Indian Rupees vs. US Dollar Currency Pair for the period from 2004-2013

Prof. (Dr.) Paresh Shah,

02 Study of Selection Sort and Shell Sort: An analytic comparison 


Prof. Swapnil Dixit, Prof. Sonali Ingle.

03 A Comparative Study of Home Environment of Disabled in Special and Inclusive School


Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma.

04 Problems faced by student teachers related to learning resources in practice teaching

Dr. Vini Sebastian.

05 A Study of Status of harassment at work place”

Prof. Sonal G bairagi.

06 Corporate Social Responsibility: Status Quo review


Prof. Nilesh Challare

07 Emerging Indian society:  a case for value based education

Dr.Nilima Arvind More


Assessment in online, methods  technology in distance learning

Dr. Anshu Mathur

09 “A conceptual study to becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher”


                                                                                               Dr. Pratima Pradhan,

10 “A conceptual study on relevance of Yoga in Teacher Education”


Dr. GirdhariLal Sharma

11 “Impact of ICT Teaching in Upper Primary School of Standard VIII  in Understanding of Algebraic Concepts”


Prof.  Prakash R. Ahire, Dr. Hemantkumar Y. Deore, Prof Samruddhi Chepe, Prof Rupali Tiwari

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