International Journal of Social & Scientific Research

Vol (2) Issue (III)

Oct – Dec 2016

Sr. Title / Author (S)
01 “Sustainable development & sustainability reporting practices in India”

Prof Ajay Shukla and Prof Vishakha Waikar

02 Subtle impact of Patanjali Yoga techniques on Stress Management”

CA Shekhar Arvind Parkhi

03 “A study of factors affecting the investment decision of small investors in Corporate Bonds in India”

Dr. Hema Gwalani, Dr. D. B. Bharati

04 “A Study of Professional Commitment among Government and Non-Government Primary School Teachers”

Pooja Gupta

05 “Leadership Traits And Challenges In MSMEs”

Asst Prof. Manisha Bhamre

06 “Impact of Gender, Age and Income on Consumers’ purchasing Responsiveness to White goods”

 Hetal Nitin Bhinde, Dr. Shrinivas V. Joshi

07 “A Critical Analysis of Impact Of Demonetization On The Life Of Common Man And Unorganized Sector”

 Afrin Siddique. Nusrat Siddique,

08  “Study of the effectiveness of Programmed Instruction on students learning”

 Ms. Siddiqui Sadia,

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