CnR’s IJSSR Index

An Indexed Review Impact Factor Quarterly Journal

Vol.03 Issue (III) October- December 2017

Sr. Title / Author (S) Page No.
01 “Social Inclusion in India is the way to Social Well Being”

Syed Umarhathab

01 – 04
02  “Digital Library Services in the Digital Era”

Mr. Sandip Pandurang Baste, Prof. Gorakh Balu Shelke 


05 – 08
03  “Bacteria a best source for Protease (Peptidase)”

Vikrant R. Chandanshive., Priyanka S. Bansode.


09 – 11
04 “A study of problems faced by secondary school teachers due to extra work in the schools and suggest remedies”

Prof. Priyanka Rajendra Morwal


12– 14
05 “Study of the effectiveness of E – learning on students learning process’’

Mrs. Shweta Varade


15 – 17

Malhar Joshi 

18 – 23
07 “Economic Aspects Of Nutmeg Cultivation With A Kerala Perspective”

S.P Sudheer

08 “Significance of Software Testing Techniques for Business Model”

 Mrs. Rohini Kurundkar


09 “A analytical study of current organization and management of floriculture business in Nashik district”

Hetal N. Bhinde, Dr.Shrinivas V.Joshi

10 “Services of Academic Libraries”

Mr. Mohan B. Nikumbh, Mrs. Shubhada Dukale, Mr. Yogesh Chandratre

11 आज के दौर मे स्वामी विवेकानंद के विचारोंका की प्रासंगिता






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